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5K at LGA

Sharing is nice 

This is a personally run site. It is not TSA sponsored. There is no posting of any SSI/FOUO/PII on the site.

2014 runs

It looks that there will be no 5K at LGA this year.

See 2012 5K at LGA  when we ran on LaGuardia's runway for the very first time. There was no 5K at LGA in 2013.

Run with Me - are you ready?

We started the Run with Me team to promote and encourage physical fitness. We also believed it would be a good idea to celebrate the tenth anniversary of TSA by running a 5K race. After posting the Run with Me original challenge here, pretty soon others started to join in. This was the beginning of the Run with Me team.

We are drawn together by our shared belief in the power of running to improve health, fitness, and overall well-being. In addition to finding running enjoyable, we share at least one other thing in common: the pride of working for the TSA.

We want to inspire others to go beyond their comfort zone, and to sign up a 5K race. Through preparing for and actually running in the 5K races we connect us with other people who like what we like, to share enthusiasm, knowledge and experience.

Our idea is open to all TSA friends and TSA employees.

It doesnít mean we have to run in the same race. We invite you to run either one of the 5K races with us, or any of the many 5K races near you. Just do it. Find a 5K race near you; sign up, start running to get fit, and on the race day show up and run.

If you decide that you want to try it, and if you give us permission, we will publish your name on this page. Send email to info@tsalga.com to join our virtual team. Please indicate if itís OK to publish your name on this website.

TSA friends and TSA employees from different airports have already signed up for this challenge. See the list below. Are you next?

If you're a beginner or intermediate runner, then Run with Me Team is for you. If you are hitting the roads for the first time or you have been running for years - join us. Our team is great for new runners. Everyone is welcome.

Keep visiting this page often. Will keep you updated. We already have fun Facebook page and we use Twitter.

Already accepted the Run with Me challenge:

  1. Mark Ruszczynski
  2. Robert Susino
  3. Rodney Satcher
  4. Tommy Karathomas
  5. Britton Evanochko
  6. Cindy Tabernacki
  7. Joe Caliguri
  8. John Pistole
  9. Yahira Rosario
  10. Dana Hoff
  11. Harjinder Singh
  12. Jose Perez
  13. Carrie Pedri 
  14. Ali Naeem
  15. Steven Locricchio
  16. Jose Jaquez
  17. Anthony Varvaro
  18. Hugo Kayo
  19. Viktor Paseka
  20. Paul Whitaker
  21. Christina Koprivica
  22. Brinda Davis
  23. Donald Oest
  24. Imtiaz M Khan
  25. Bobbie Kerrigan
  26. Jeffrey Hadzima
  27. Greg Landrith
  28. Noah Willoughby
  29. Jamie Nigito
  30. Keisha Franklin
  31. Richard Spencer
  32. Lupe Campos
  33. Benjamin Brown
  34. Joel Valles
  35. Julie Derderian
  36. Rene Ruiz
  37. Carl Baccarella
  38. Sergio Blanco
  39. Michelle Diaz
  40. Tayla Balkovic
  41. Rafael Camacho
  42. Maria Mina
  43. Linda Buchelli
  44. Jamie Bono
  45. Lesley Johnson
  46. Tim Mead
  47. Kareem Graham
  48. Joyce Gohagan 
  49. Dennis Thompson
  50. Nicole Santiago-Sanchez
  51. Jimmy Malatasig

Run with Me challenge was accepted and is getting more popular in the following cities:

Atlanta, GA
Birmingham, AL
Boston, MA
Chicago, IL
Daytona Beach, FL
Detroit, MI
Long Beach, CA
Long Island, NY
Los Angeles, CA
Madison, WI
Memphis, TN
Midland, TX
New York, NY
Newark, NJ
Ontario, CA
San Diego, CA
St. Louis, MO
Washington, DC

Races we have already run

Check out the races that Run with Me Team members already ran. This section has been moved to its separate page. We want to keep this page current, so please email your updates on regular basis.

Reserve the date 10/05/2014 (and run 5K at LGA)