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This is a personally run site. It is not TSA sponsored. There is no posting of any SSI/FOUO/PII on the site.


Run with Me FAQ


What is Run with Me Team?

Run with Me Team members accepted the challenge to sign up for a 5K race to celebrate the tenth anniversary of TSA. Through preparing for and actually running in the 5K races, the Run with Me Team promotes and encourages physical fitness. It is a virtual team. Everybody selects his/her own 5K race in his/her area and signs up for it there.

We are drawn together by our shared belief in the power of running to improve health, fitness, and overall well-being. In addition to finding running enjoyable, we share at least one other thing in common: the pride of working for the TSA.

We want to inspire others to go beyond their comfort zone, test the waters of a 5K, cross a finish line, and live life to the fullest.

Is Run with Me an official, employer sponsored activity?

No. All Run with Me Team members participate in this initiative during their own time and no TSA resources are used.

What is 5K?

A 5K run is 3.1 miles. Running a 5K is an excellent goal for new runners. The 5K run is the perfect challenge for anyone. It is big enough leap to test your physical and mental resolve but not so far that it requires obsessive amounts of training to meet the demands.

What do I have to do to join Run with Me Team?

Accept the Run with Me challenge and send us email that you did. If you give us permission we will add your name on our webpage. It also means you should start or resume running, sign up for a 5K near you and complete one between now and September 30, 2012.

How many people accepted Run with Me challenge?

Currently 48 Run with Me Team members agreed to have their names published on this website. There are other team members who prefer not to have their names disclosed at this time. The idea of increasing our fitness, while feeling proud to be part of TSA has been accepted and is getting more popular in the following cities:

Birmingham, AL
Boston, MA 
Chicago, IL
Daytona Beach, FL
Detroit, MI
Long Beach, CA
Long Island, NY
Los Angeles, CA
Madison, WI
Memphis, TN
Midland, TX
New York, NY
Newark, NJ
San Diego, CA
Tulsa, OK
Washington, DC

Can I find out who is on Run with Me Team?

Yes. Our names are the Run with Me web page.

Are all of you experienced runners?

No. If you're a beginner, intermediate or elite runner, then Run with Me Team is for you. If you are hitting the roads for the first time or you have been running for years - join us. Our team is great for new and experienced runners. Everyone is welcome.

How can I find out about 5K races in my area?

Type 5K and your city name in Google search box. Select a 5K race 3-4 months in advance. Consider running your first race simply for the experience of it, to get an overall feel for what a race is like. 

Why webpage?

To connect us with other people who like what we like, to share enthusiasm, knowledge and experience. We want to connect with people like ourselves, get inspired by those a bit faster and share what we're doing.

How can I contact you?

Send email to info@tsalga.com.

Who is Mark Ruszczynski?

Mark Ruszczynski is the person who started Run with Me challenge. He started the challenge because he believed that it would be a good idea to celebrate the TSA tenth anniversary by running an official 5K race. He lives and works in New York. He is new to running. He likes TSA.


more FAQ soon