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This is a personally run site. It is not TSA sponsored. There is no posting of any SSI/FOUO/PII on the site.

2014 LGA 5K will be on Sunday, 10/5/14.

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The first inaugural 5K run at LGA was on  10/14/12. In 2013 organizers had to cancel the LGA 5K.

More photographs are on the 2012 5K at LGA web album. I also found this blog with LGA 5K photos.

For the first time ever, we had an opportunity to run on LaGuardia Airport’s historic runway and taxiway system. It was a great run, with a little challenge while running against strong winds in two areas. 572 runners completed the race with average time of 34:49. The first person finished in 16:24 while the longest recorded time was 1:09:45. Our team was strong and we did pretty well. Please email your pictures, if you want to see them posted here, and share comments on the Run with Me Facebook page. Are you following Run with Me on Twitter?


5K at LGA
Photo courtesy April Gasparri and Valerie Lewicki 

LGA TSA team

5K LGA Bono Johnson
Photo courtesy Linda Buchelli

5K LGA Lesely Johnson

5K LGA Linda Buchelli

5K LGA Rodney Satcher

 5K LGA Jamie Bono Kareem Graham



5K LGA walking to the Start Line