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Weight Loss Support Group at LGA

We are all human and we all need motivation. especially when it comes to weight loss. Having a peer support makes a huge difference.

People who are trying to lose weight are more likely to succeed when they tell others what they are doing.  Many people find that joining a weight loss support group is highly effective. 

We all need support.

Benefit from peer support. Peer support can motivate you, inspire you, keep you accountable, and keep you from quitting. It is important to have an accountability partner - someone who supports your weight loss goals and believes in you.

Find instant motivators and support from a community of people who have "been there and done that", and who can help you overcome the same hurdles they once faced.

LGA Weight Loss Support Group is about encouragement, positive thinking, hope, and supporting your taking responsibility for your weight loss. Join us and catch some enthusiasm. Contact us: info@tsalga.com

Please remember that there is no such thing  as the best route that everybody must follow. The best possible weight loss plan is the one that works for you.

Real people, real weight loss.

There are many people among us who have reached amazing goals. Their accomplishments motivate us in all stages of our own healthy lifestyle journeys. From this page, you can explore a variety of success stories from our most inspiring members.

J - I started my weight loss in June 2011. I chose to lose weight because of physical problems and also because I just wanted to look better. At first it seemed as though I'd never lose weight but once I started it was easy. I changed my eating habits and started drinking more water. It was as easy as stopping fast food and fried foods and not drinking soda. I did minimal exercise occasionally but that wasn't what really helped me. I have lost 60 lbs simply by eating healthier foods and sticking with it. It can be done once you set a goal. I find it easier to think small, think of losing a few pounds at a time and in no time it'll be 20, 30, 40 or whatever you want for yourself. (posted on 12/05/2012)

Andres - "I decided to lose weight because I didnt like my appearance. I felt OK but I wanted to look better, especially to look better on the beach. In 2009 I weighed 225 pounds. I weigh 172 pounds now. I used to wear pants size 40. Now it is size 36". [more]

Vincent Curaro "I started my weight loss eight weeks ago. Why? I decided I had to get back in shape. I use system called Nutrisystem and it works very well for me. It is based on eating small portions of Nutrisystem food every 2.5 hours. My weight was 217 pounds when I started. I have already lost 27 pounds and intend to keep going until I get to 165 pounds".

Marcos "I started my weight loss efforts on 10/05/11. Why? I started to notice that feet hurt and felt that my clothes were no longer comfortable. I was 205 pounds then. Today I am 192 pounds". (more info soon)

Gerard - "It can be done. I stared in December last year and went from size 58 to 48." Gerard registered for the Presidents Fitness Challenge and after 8 weeks he achieved a Fitness Bronze Award. Read more  how Gerard did it and see his pictures "before" and "now".  5/04/12 Update: Gerald lost 70 pounds.

Name Withheld 03 - "My doctor recommended to me to lose weight because I have high blood pressure. So one day I woke up and just started to work on it. It is working. I started 6 weeks ago and lost 18 pounds already. Not eating candies is my biggest challenge and I work very hard on it everyday. My advice to others? You have to work hard if you really want to lose weight."  3/26/12 Update: "I lost 38 pounds."

Bo I started in June 2010 when I weighed 265 pounds.  Being overweight was not good for me. I decided to change the way I looked. I wanted to change my life style. I did it by eating less and by eliminating fried foods and foods containing sugar. My biggest challenge was being hungry all the time during the first month. I learned how to respond to it by drinking a lot of water and eating healthy snacks. My message to others: The food should not control you. You should control the food. It can be done. Bo lost 35 pounds and is at his healthy weight of 230 pounds now.

Sergio I started in January of 2011 when I weighed 194 pounds. I did it for my health. At my annual checkup the doctor told me that my cholesterol level was dangerously high. My kids are my strongest motivation. I want to see them grow older, get married and become independent. How did I do it? I stopped drinking soda and got rid of fried foods. I followed the guidance of a commercially available diet program and it works for me. Sticking to this diet proved successful to me. The most difficult at the beginning was getting used to the new diet and dealing with hunger.   I dealt with hunger by drinking lots of cups of water and eating fresh fruits. I weighed myself once a week. My message to others: stay away from junk food, stick to the diet, give it some time to work and you will see the results. Also talk to somebody about your efforts. Sergio lost 28 pounds and he weighs 166 pounds now. Update 3/26/12:  "I stopped my diet after my comments were posted here and I gained 15 pounds since then. Why? Because I stopped my diet. I resumed my diet a week ago already have new results. I lost 1.5 pounds during the last several days."

Mark I started in May 2010.  Why? Health reasons. The doctor informed me what my test results were and it got my immediate attention when he mentioned possible heart surgery. The fear of surgery was tremendous. I took his instruction of lets try something else before we go that way to heart and immediately changed what I eat and how I eat. I believe I did everything that was humanly possible to lose weight and change my life style. How I did it: I follow the basic formula for weigh loss - I consume fewer calories than I burn - and it really works for me.  In my situation I needed to do both healthy eating and eating for weight loss. My message to share? It can be done. You don't have to starve yourself to lose weight. Also, exercise isn't necessarily for weight loss.. Update: Mark lost 91 pounds since May 2010.

The persons mentioned above want to cheer you on and see you succeed. They will support you and root for your success. Contact them at: info@tsalga.com


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