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Tunnel to Tower 5K, NYC, 9-30-2012

September 11, 2001 was America’s one of the darkest days, but it brought the best in us.

Firefighter Stephen Siller was part of the wave of first responders to get it to the burning towers. Siller and 342 firefighters did not make it home that day, but many did, thanks to their heroism.

Eleven years later the Tunnel to Tower Foundation has turned tragedy into triumph.

The following TSA LGA employees, former TSA LGA employees and TSA LGA friends were among the 25 thousand people who honored Stephen Siller memory and the ultimate sacrifice of all first responders by running in the footsteps of a hero: Jamie Bono, Linda Buchelli, Lupe Campos, Rudy Campos, Eddie Cedeno, Natalie Crilley, Lesley Johnson, Mark Ruszczynski, and Joel Valles.