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Pursuing better health one step at a time.

For most of us, health will depend not on who we are, but on how we live.

Your body and mind are your most valuable assets. When you are free from physical and emotional aches and pains, you are able to function at your best.

Taking control of your health will result in more energy, mental alertness, enthusiasm, and creativity.

We are all responsible for ourselves.



The five elements of well-being are:

1.  Positive Emotion - the pleasant life.

2.  Engagement - flow.

3.  Meaning - found in serving something bigger than self.

4.  Positive Relationships - other people are the best antidote of the downs of life and the single most reliable up.  

5.  Accomplishment - subjective achievement.  


How to Be Happy

1.    Express Gratitude
2.    Cultivate Optimism
3.    Avoid Over Thinking and Social Comparison
4.    Perform Random Acts of Kindness
5.    Nurture Social Relationships
6.    Develop Strategies for Coping
7.    Learn Forgiveness
8.    Increase Flow Experiences
9.    Savor Life's Joys
10.  Make a Commitment
11.  Practice Religion and Spirituality
12.  Practice Meditation
13.  Engage in Physical Activity
14.  Act Like a Happy Person

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