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 "It is a dream job"- a real quote heard at LGA
in 2007

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There is no ONE sign that someone is lying. Withholding emotion, cognitive load, and/or attempted control, especially when the stakes are high, can create a number of identifiable non-verbal cues of deception.

What helps detect deception? The practicing of learned lie detection techniques will increase your chances to detect the cues.

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Or perhaps you would like to test your lie detection skills. 

Did you read the U.S. Government Accountability Office report about SPOT? I did and I am not happy about the way that SPOT was presented. The whole world will soon learn that 18 "terrorists" travelled 23 times through the airports where SPOT was deployed. Media will not mention that it is not known whether BDOs were posted to the checkpoints where the 18 terrorists travelled through. I wish we had a way to counter the "revelations" like that.    


TSA SPOT pilot program started in April 2006. Since its initial testing at Logan Airport, SPOT has been tested in Portland and Bangor, Maine; Providence, RI; and Minneapolis-St. Paul. TSA has already trained its employees to use SPOT at many airports. There are over 3,000 BDOs at 161 airports. TSA has BDOs in every major airport to spot possible terrorists. 

"A good BDO has developed the skills to separate normal airport anxieties from fundamental signs of hostile intent” Kip Hawley said in the interview with New York Times. [more]

SPOT is based solidly on specific observed behavioral criteria and does not consider race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or national origin as determining factors.

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This is not a government owned website. There is no SSI posted here.