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TSA Behavior Detection Officers keeping a close eye on passengers at Sky Harbor. - ABC 15 Arizona. 08/09/2012

Next In Line For The TSA? A Thorough 'Chat-Down' - NPR 8/16/11

BDO at Buffalo accused of helping drug trafficker - WIVD TV reports on alleged past of the now suspended BDO. Situation like this makes us all look bad in public eyes.

Debating Behavior Profiling For Airport Security - NPR talks with Carl Maccario - 12/23/10

TSA SPOT Program: Still Going Strong - TSA Blog 5/20/10

Sharon Weinberger critical article in Nature magazine - May 2010

Negative coverage at CBS website by the CBS News chief investigative correspondent with alleged leak of the GAO report results. 5/19/10

Ark. airport officers watching behavior to avoid trouble 12/15/09

Airport officers covertly keep an eye out for suspicious behavior  11/04/09.

At the airport, somebody’s watching 5/02/09

TSA watching fliers far beyond metal detectors 3/15/09

How Do You 'Spot' A Terrorist At Logan Airport?  2/02/09

Another positive coverage about BDO. Read the story or watch video about BDO officers at Oakland at San Francisco abc7news.com.

 Negative coverage about BDO on Online Journal.

Associated Press - TSA Deploys Airport Behavior Screeners

The Florida Times Union - jacksonville.com



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