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John Pistole at ABA meeting

1/13/11 Addressing an American Bar Association committee at the University Club in Washington, John Pistole, said he expected modification to controversial airport scanner equipment this year to address privacy concerns.

He said he was shown on Wednesday new technology that is not as revealing as new machines put into service last year. Software upgrades to the AIG provided by the scanners’ manufacturer  will display an avatar and a box alerting to potential threats.

This will eliminate the need to keep an Officer in a remote room viewing images of passengers.

TSA Administrator said he visited Reagan National Airport in Arlington, Virginia, Wednesday to review the testing of an automated body scanner used in the Netherlands. That scanner portrays the human form as a generic stick figure or "blob," rather than displaying a detailed anatomy.  

Describing how a test subject deliberately walked through the machine with a pager on his belt, Pistole said, "The passenger and the security officer see the image at the same time, and there's a yellow box on the left hip, and let's try to resolve that."  

"I think it completely addresses the privacy and modesty issue that many people have concerns about," John Pistole said.

John Pistole's appearance before the American Bar Association was his first public event since the TSA implemented a new pat down protocol last November.



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