Unruly PAX

On January 24, 2008, Watson and her husband traveled to the Gulfport-Biloxi Regional Airport in Gulfport, Mississippi, to catch a flight back to their home in Toledo, Ohio.

As Watson passed through security, Transportation Security Officer ("TSO") James Jacobs stopped the x-ray machine he was operating to remove Watson's carry-on luggage for additional inspection after he observed liquids in her bag.

TSO Eric Brans informed Watson that Transportation Security Administration ("TSA") regulations prohibit passengers from transporting liquids, gels, or aerosols in quantities over 3.4 ounces.

TSO Jacobs and several passenger-witnesses testified at trial that, in response, Watson became irate, began cursing, and berated the TSA personnel manning the security checkpoint. TSO Brans and Jacobs continued attempting to explain the TSA rules to Watson until finally instructing her to have a seat outside of security to calm down.

About the same time, Gulfport Police Officer Kelley Clark arrived to help manage the situation and again explain the TSA regulations to Watson.

Clark had been detailed to the airport as an airport police officer pursuant to an interlocal agreement between the airport and the City of Gulfport.

Watson remained defiant, and Clark warned Watson that she would be taken to jail if she could not control her outbursts and profanity. In response, Watson stated, "Sh**, take me to jail."

Clark opted to give Watson more time to calm down rather than arresting her and proceeded through security where Watson's husband had also become belligerent.

When Clark reached the other side of checkpoint, Watson's husband was swearing at the TSA personnel. Clark warned him that if he continued she would be forced to arrest him.

When he refused to comply, Clark began to arrest him for his use of profanity.

As Clark began to place handcuffs on Watson's husband, Watson yelled from the other side of security: "If you are going to take him to jail, you are going to have to take me, too."

Watson leapt from her chair and ran through the checkpoint while yelling obscenities. As she passed through the metal detector, Watson shoved TSO Darryl Anderson out of the way.

Watson then lunged at Clark and grabbed her around the throat before grabbing Clark by her hair and pulling her down.

Watson continued swinging and kicking at Clark until she and her husband were restrained and removed.

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