Oh no, not again.




Last Sunday morning a man was able to carry a gun undetected through a security checkpoint at Reagan National Airport.

53-year-old Gregory Hinkle realized before boarding his flight that he had the gun with him and returned voluntarily to the checkpoint.

Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority Police were called to the checkpoint where the man, turned over his firearm and was given a summons for a misdemeanor for violating Virgina Code 18.2-287.01 which prohibits firearms in an airport terminal with exceptions for law enforcement and checked luggage.

The gun was seized, Hinkle was issued a summons and he was allowed to continue his trip.

TSO who failed to identify the firearm is on administrative leave and a full investigation is underway.

TSA spokesman Christopher White said that 14 guns were discovered at checkpoints around the country last week. On average, Officers find two guns a day.

Last year in April TSA detected a loaded Glock pistol in presidential candidate Mike Huckabee sonís carry-on luggage.

Alleged failure of one TSO at checkpoint gets coverage all over the world. Everyday diligence and professionalism is rarely mentioned. See the link supplied by Jack showing items caught by TSOs at DFW airport. Thanks Jack.

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