The seven airports are Boston's Logan International, Denver International, Jacksonville (Florida) International, Kansas City (Missouri) International, Eugene (Oregon), Southwest Oregon Regional (North Bend, Oregon) and Craven Regional (New Bern, North Carolina).

Airports were selected, in part, to ensure that those of different sizes are represented. "These pilots will give us important information as we evaluate the best way to secure the operations side of the airport," said Kip Hawley, TSA Administrator. "We appreciate the support of Congress and our security partners at the airports and look forward to working with them to implement our findings."

Use of multiple security measures will enable TSA to evaluate the most effective manner of screening airport employees. Airport employees and other employees including concession workers who have access to secure areas of the airports will be screened before they can enter those areas.

TSA is required to report to Congress before September 1, 2008 on the cost and effectiveness of the pilot programs at each airport. 

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